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Gastric Band Adjustment Service

How is a Gastric Band Adjusted?

After a comprehensive assessment and discussion regarding your present restriction ,the port will be carefully located and accessed via a specialist coring  needle to deliver saline into the device to achieve restriction. After the procedure is complete you will be required to stay until fluids are fully tolerated .

Which type of Gastric Bands can you offer the adjustment service ?

Allergan Gastric Bands

APS 10 

APL 14



Cousin Bio-ring 

You will need to bring details regarding your Surgery Provider and possible band adjustment history .This can be obtained  directly from your operation provider who placed the band. Please also bring along your adjustment record card which has the full chronology of your previous appt history and present  fluid  volume /level

Will an X-ray be required prior to my first appointment ?

No X-Ray will be required prior to your initial assessment however  you will be required to bring along your adjustment record card and details of your appliance type , Size and current fluid volume plus any history of previous  investigations regarding your Band

What are the fees and appointment availability ?

​Appointments are a bespoke service offering great flexibility, GB Worcester works around your busy life, offering week days plus evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays ​

  • Band Adjustment             £110

  • Emergency Aspiration      £110

  • Out of Hours Aspiration   £130

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